Change .. they say  is the most unusual thing . People hate change. However change can occur in the most unlikely situations.  Change appears in any shape,colour ,size or flavour.  You can’t avoid it . People view change as the most horrible thing that could ever happen to them.  It takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to face extremes you may have never imagined yourself in .


Change for me was something I never looked forward to ,thinking it’s the most horrid thing that could happen to me but times have changed and now I await change.  The reason I chose to write about this today cause I sat thinking about how my life has been on a roller coaster over the past year and half . I competed graduation , got a job, made new friends, moved over to a new department , moved to a new job role and soon there will be a bigger change.  Sounds like a series a change and I have loathed various parts of this series of change and trust me when I say this is couldn’t be more grateful for these changes .

The reason for this being I have learnt a lot from three changes that have occurred.  I got to learn my power to compete with these changes and how I could overcome all fears and outshine myself.  So all in all change is a good thing so never run from it you’ll never know This change takes you to which new page in your like….IMG_20160424_130907


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