Heart on Fleek


I do too much, I think too little. I’m someone who wears my heart on a sleeve, well is that a good thing I don’t know, I prefer saying no cause being too generous has to lead me nowhere. the world is selfish. Yes, it is, though everyone ha a different opinion this is mine.

I do too much for people, is that a bad thing? Well, i hope not. You never do things with the idea of getting something in return however if someone has started to take you for granted for your good nature. Aren’t, you supposed to step your foot down and stand for yourself. Well, i try but I’m too generous at heart. I get pushed around a few pleads and puppy dog faces melts my heart and I get pushed around doing stuff for others while they procrastinate.

This is super annoying but what can be done when you wear your heart on your sleeve. You get pushed around for no reason cause you can’t see someone else in distress.Makes you think do those people actually want you to be there or they just need you cause they get their work done. Should you speak up for yourself or shut up in case they get offended.

So many things in my head and I have so little reasoning for most of it.Makes you think what your real purpose is if you are just getting pushed around by everyone.Is that what it is to feel wanted and to loved is to sacrifice your every bit for someone else’s happiness and in the bargain destroy your inner peace and self or be a loner both are not win-win situations so what should one do?

So many questions, very few answers. 48cc82b315d12357940e3871f43817db

New Beginnings

As cliche as the title sounds this post is somehow related to my previous one, I know its been too long since I last wrote on here, and I actually forgotten that this blog event exist, it, Blame me to start a blog and forget about,but today a friend mentioned WordPress and it then clicked me wait even i have something on there, So here I am several months late and an almost 6 months into a major change of my life.

If you read before, I spoke about a really big change that was gonna occur in my life, so what is it? Well, i packed myself and most of my world into 4 suitcases and travelled leaving back India and into Canada. Why Canada? Well, cause I moved here for further education but moreover cause I love the cold, most days I regret the cold but it’s my kind of weather, I love cold gloomy weather. Placeholder Image

Canada has been amazing to me, it comes with its own struggles and challenges I won’t lie, I mean its way out of my comfort zone I don’t have Mommy to run to for everything and daddy to take care of his little princess, I am a million miles away from India, from home, however I found home here in Canada cause I found the most awesome people, friends who I can call family. Three people without whom my day is incomplete, Three people who helped me get rid of toxic things in my life and who made helped with this transition.

We are inseparable, I know it sounds like every other friendship, but I haven’t had that much luck when it came to friends, this place has given me that, people who I can turn to no matter what.


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