Change .. they say  is the most unusual thing . People hate change. However change can occur in the most unlikely situations.  Change appears in any shape,colour ,size or flavour.  You can't avoid it . People view change as the most horrible thing that could ever happen to them.  It takes you out of your... Continue Reading →

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The war with my bed is something I cannot win, I'm not lazy it's not sleep that keeps me here stuck for hours. It's the lack of courage of getting out of the four walls of this room. To see other people happy and in love and wonder why I never had that or will... Continue Reading →

The love that wasn’t

I loved him when I was 16 and I don't think I ever felt like that for anyone ever again. I was pure I was innocent, he was everything I dreamt of, not flawless, but perfect to me. He was rude he was ruthless, shameless even but he never was mine,I wished for him to... Continue Reading →

Heart on Fleek

I do too much, I think too little. I'm someone who wears my heart on a sleeve, well is that a good thing I don't know, I prefer saying no cause being too generous has to lead me nowhere. the world is selfish. Yes, it is, though everyone ha a different opinion this is mine.... Continue Reading →

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